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The Bad Aussee Play and Dance

Relating to a performance in Austria in 1808, with links to Hesse in 1650.  Mumming fans might spot some similarities.

Shrovetide Dancing in Westfalia

English translation of part of a German chapter looking at the period from the 14th-19th century, from first appearance to eventual demise.  Includes a look at the dancers and what little is known about the dances.

The Bilk Sword Dance

Something spectacular from mid-nineteenth century Westfalia.

The Dithmarscher Schwertertänzer (1)

A tradition in danger.

The Dithmarscher Schwertertänzer (2)

Report of a performance, Summer 2011 - with pictures

The Siebenbürgisch Sword Dance

This dance originated among German settlers in Hungary (now Romania) and is now danced by their descendants in Germany and Austria.  It is very well documented: here are three notations from 1870, 1896, and 1981. I've translated some parts into English.

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