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The Elgin Sword Dancers (1623)

Who they were and why they did it

Well, this is the proper Elgin....

The true story behind a well-known dance.

North British visit North Britain

An account of a tour of Scotland in search of sites where sword dancing had been recorded (Papa Stour not included).

Papa Stour comes to Aberdeen

Conversations with George Peterson


Looking at the music used for the Little Crosby (Lancashire) performances of 1712.

The Lingdale Primrose Sword Dancers

Straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.  An interview with 1930s dancer Teddy Knight.

A report of the team's annual midwinter outing

About the Music
Lordsmere Longsword, Christmas 2017


Why 'rapper'?  

Dispelling some myths.

Round the East Kent Coalfield

In search of migrated rapper.

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